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    Our three-week, online mini-course helps you understand the basic elements of a strong annual giving program including donor segmentation, communications and an interactive "check-up" for your organization.

  • 2020 Year-end Campaign Timeline & Template

    This downloadable timeline tells you exactly what campaign elements to produce, when to send them and who to send it to!

  • The Smart Guide to Renewing Lapsed Donors

    This 13-page PDF guide shows you how to create a plan to win back your donors!

  • Workbook: Calculating Donor Retention Rates

    You can't improve your donor retention rates until you know what they are! This workbook shows you exactly how to do it.

  • Spring Appeal Case Study

    A spring appeal or campaign is a great way to boost your revenue and better target your donor segments. Here's an example of one that worked!

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